Level Up! Wanna have a gaming party at TenForward?! YES!

We are taking party bookings for any day in January! YAY!
Health protocols: We will be operating with the Vaccine Pass, so all adults entering must scan. Everyone needs a mask, and we have Pokemon & Among Us disposable masks for $1 if you want.
Food: ideally individually packaged  but a birthday party is a private function with your friend group 'bubble' so you will be able to have food of your choice delivered or brought along.
If you are looking for a birthday party location, this could be it!  TenForward is available in the weekends and after hours for parties and events.
  • You can use our xboxes and laptops and wifi for your own devices
  • Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox, Forza Horizon 5, Gang Beasts and more!
  • Wanna be a rock star? We have vintage PS3 Rock Band with all the instruments so you and your party can form a band! 
  • Check out our Nerf wall
  • During your party, TenForward will be closed to the public - so you'll have the place to yourselves!
  • You can bring your own food and drinks, or get it delivered!
  • Cost is $9 per person per hour, $4.50 per person per half hour 
  • VR Oculus Quests - add these to your party for $10 per person
  • We have party accessories that you can add to your booking, eg Minecraft plates and cups and decorations etc - just purchase whatever items you need in advance and we can have them ready for your party.

    Parties are available for 2 hours - 2.5 hours - 3 hours - you can book in for as long as you want!  You will have TenForward as a private party zone, so there won’t be other kids. Minimum 6 players (including playing parents).

    Also suitable for teen parties, gaming meetups etc. 

    We have an Xbox wall with 4 Xboxes that are linked so that Minecraft/Fortnite for example can can played by 4-8 players at a time (and they all take turns each round).  We recommend no more than 12 players, as that means a maximum of 3 players per xbox.

    Due to the size of our venue, we do not recommend much more than 15 people total (including parents).

    Our vintage PS3 Rock Band setup allows 4 players at any time (singer, guitar, bass, drums) and you can swap players every song. We also have a variety of other PS3 games that can have up to two players.

    We have 4 Oculus Quest VR Headsets loaded with heaps of fun virtual reality games. Kids will take timed turns. Adding VR to your party is an optional extra, but well worth it for the experience! The cost to add this to your party is $10 per person (minimum $60).

    The kids are also welcome to bring their own laptops/devices with their own accounts so they can add more players.  We have free wifi for this.

    We also have laptops for other online games eg Minecraft, Roblox, Steam games, web browser games etc - and they can use their own accounts.

    You can bring your own party food, and there’s a fridge and kitchenette (with microwave and kettle). You can get food delivered as well.

    We will also include a gaming expert to help the kids with their strategies etc. 

    Time to make a booking! email belinda@tenforward.co.nz

    YOU CAN PICK ANY WEEKDAY AFTERNOON IN JANUARY AS WELL - depending on our holiday programme bookings, we might be able to be flexible!

    Saturday 22 January

    Morning Available
    Afternoon Available

    Sunday 23 January

    Morning Available
    Afternoon Available

    Saturday 29 January

    Morning Available
    Afternoon Available

    Sunday 30 January

    Morning Available
    Afternoon Available

    Saturday 5 February

    Morning Available
    Afternoon Available

    Sunday 6 February

    Party 11am-1pm
    Party 2pm - 4:30pm

    Saturday 12 February

    Morning available
    Party 1pm - 4pm

    Sunday 13 February

    Party 10:30 - 1pm
    Afternoon Available

    Saturday 19 February

    Party 10am-12pm
    Afternoon Available

    Sunday 20 February

    Morning Available
    Afternoon Available

    Saturday 26 February

    Morning Available
    Party 2-4pm

    Sunday 27 February

    Morning Available
    Afternoon Available

    Be a Rock Star! You and your friends can form a band!
    Have a Rock Band party!

    Also ideal for 80's rock loving adults' private functions.  

    Check out our Nerf Wall, and we also have Oculus Quest VR headsets for amazing VR experiences.