You can book in for After School Care & our Holiday Programme here: BOOKING FORM  AND our Youth Enterprise & Communications Confidence programme! Read more>

AFTER SCHOOL CARE: Open every day after school from 3-6pm.
Remuera Intermediate students: we meet you at the St Vincents Ave exit - look for the TenForward flag!

HOLIDAY PROGRAMME: Open every day in the holidays from 8:30am - 6pm. Book for a whole day, or a morning, or afternoon!
OSCAR Subsidy available, and Carer Support welcomed. 

If you want information on having your epic birthday where you can play heaps of games like Fortnite or Minecraft or Roblox PLUS VR & Gaming PCs, check our calendar! We can do these on Sat/Sun any weekend!

SPEED CUBES: You can pop in to buy cubes any afternoon that we are open - or contact us to make a time. We also send them anywhere. And, if you want us to come to your school event, let us know! We love to bring our cubes to school markets.

Every weekday we run sessions on enterprise and communications confidence, and weekends we run social gaming sessions - you can register here. This programme is for young people aged 16+. Young Enterprise Groups - we can be your mentor! Come to us, or we can visit your school and mentor multiple groups, as well as teach our entrepreneurship and communications confidence workshops.

Email Bookings: Booking form for kid's activities.


You can visit any day after school for casual gaming and cube sales. In the weekends, we have birthday parties, but you can still come in to buy cubes. Some weekends there are spaces for casual gaming! In school holidays we are open from 8:30am til about 6pm. Check before you come along to find out if we are available.


TenForward is a place where young people can achieve increased wellbeing, capability and resilience, skills and connections.

Our team of inspirational Gaming Experts help guide kids to form new friendships, collaborate on team projects, and encourage positive social behaviours - using gaming as a tool.

Young people are working through a difficult period of figuring out who they are, what they are, and how they want to ‘be’. TenForward encourages strengthening identity confidence, particularly for young people who fall outside of ‘normal’ activities such as physical sports. They often feel left out, bullied, unliked, and lack confidence, so they find deep interest in online activities like social gaming, or in specific skills like speedcubing. We use these activities, and our Youth Gaming Expert role models, as a means to find new friends who also like the things they do, so each participant feels a sense of belonging. 

Kids tell us that TenForward has ‘their people’ and they can be themselves and know that others will appreciate them. This empowers their belief in their self worth, leads to acceptance of their identity choices, and knowing they finally belong to a community with positive social connectedness. 

Our mission is to inspire kids who love gaming, YouTube, social media and pop culture, and support their interests with our varied programme, while being safely cared for after school.  We have a special interest in focusing on social development skills, and we are an ideal place for kids with behavioural differences/specialties who struggle in neurotypical environments. We also accept Carer Support hours if your child receives these. Our gaming experts help grow social skills so our kids can become good people online.  

TenForward offers kids and young people some amazing opportunities to be inspired and harness their skills for practical application.  Plus, it’s a super fun after school care programme, conveniently located near Greenlane Roundabout, and opposite Remuera Intermediate.