LEVEL 4 UPDATE: We are running FREE online supervised gaming sessions! Message us for the Discord Channel or Zoom link so your child can join us for Dungeons and Dragons, Minecraft, Fortnite, Roblox etc - supervised online sessions with our Gaming Experts and other TenForward Kids. Hopefully this helps make your Lockdown a little more entertaining!

HOLIDAY PROGRAMME: We want to help you get organised to go back to work whenever Level 2 begins, so we are taking bookings for our October Holiday Programme. Obviously we remain flexible and can only open from Level 2.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES can be booked from October 2, and can go ahead if we are at Level 2 by then.

Speedcube orders: some teachers have set a Lockdown Challenge to students to solve a cube, so as they are now an essential educational item, we can deliver these locally, or courier them anywhere!

Online orders of other items can still go ahead, but we will not be able to post many items until after Lockdown.

Text Bookings: 021 2889323
Email Bookings: belinda@tenforward.co.nz
Booking form for kid's activities.

  We are open every day after school from 3-6pm, Home School Gaming Tuesdays from 12pm, and every day during the school holidays from 8:30am-6pm. 

OSCAR Subsidy available, and Carer Support welcomed. 

BIRTHDAY PARTIES! If you want information on having your epic Fortnite or Minecraft or Roblox or Among Us PLUS VR birthday party at TenForward, check our calendar!

Are you an adult who is scared of your phone? Ask about our video conferencing sessions: beginner tech workshops for non-techy adults!  We run these sessions on demand, and they can be by Zoom or in person at TenForward. One on one sessions, or in a small group.


If your kids are technology focused online experts, this is the afterschool / holiday programme for them.  Our team of inspirational Gaming Experts help guide kids to form new friendships, collaborate on team projects, and encourage positive social behaviours - using gaming as a tool.

Our mission is to inspire kids who love gaming, YouTube, social media and pop culture, and support their interests with our varied programme, while being safely cared for after school.  We have a special interest in focusing on social development skills, and we are an ideal place for kids with behavioural differences/specialties who struggle in neurotypical environments. Our gaming experts help grow social skills so our kids can become good people online.  

TenForward offers a range of daily tech-themed educational programmes such as esports training, strategic team player positive behaviour and social development, Dungeons and Dragons, and much more.  Kids are free to learn any of the available courses at their own pace, or simply hang out with their friends playing on their own devices or our Xboxes.  They can even complete their homework on our devices, and if they’re a Guide or Scout, they can earn their Technology badge.  

TenForward offers kids under 14 some amazing opportunities to be inspired and harness their skills for practical application.  Plus, it’s a super fun after school care programme, conveniently located near Greenlane Roundabout, and opposite Remuera Intermediate.