Youth Workshops

TenForward is being funded by the Ministry of Youth Development to provide 600 targeted young people aged 16-24 with 20 FREE sessions of our Youth Enterprise Workshops over the next 2.5 years. The topics include entrepreneurship skills, work-ready skills, social communications confidence, gaming themes, and we incorporate Te Kete Aronui resources into our content. 

You can start any time, and attend any sessions of your choice. We also welcome groups who wish to attend, eg homeschool groups, or school groups, Young Enterprise groups, or youth groups. Get in touch to discuss how we can make this work for you. We can run specific sessions for your group on any day, and some sessions (eg entrepreneurship and Young Enterprise mentoring) we can visit your school to meet a larger group. 

How it works:
- 60 young people per term will be offered a placement in this programme
- you can choose any 20 sessions of your choice anytime, with two sessions offered every week day (9:30-12pm, 12:30-3pm) and weekend sessions (4-6:30pm) 
- the sessions can be repeats, eg if you like the entrepreneurship skills, or Dungeons & Dragons sessions, you can keep coming back to build on your project
- There is no charge. This is a genuine funding opportunity to help young people improve work-ready enterprise skills, and achieve increased wellbeing, capability and resilience, skills and meaningful social connections
- We do ask though that you answer a simple survey at the end of your 20 sessions to confirm you have achieved these goals. (This survey is the measurement of success for our funding to continue)
- All our sessions end with some social gaming to encourage positive teamwork with your new group of friends

Targeted groups:
Are you aged 16-24 years, have low-moderate needs, and identify with any of these demographics? Then you qualify for our programme!

Neurodivergent, social/learning/behavioural differences etc
Rainbow Youth
Young Women
Maori Youth
Pasifika Youth
Migrant Families

Once you have been accepted into the programme, you can book into any sessions you like. Most sessions are held once a week, but whenever we have available gaps in the weekends and evenings, we will add in bonus sessions, so keep an eye out!

Find out more about each workshop, and book in here: