Impromptu Speaking Skills
Impromptu Speaking Skills

Impromptu Speaking Skills

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If you feel a bit scared about talking to people, then this session is for you! 

There are times you will have to talk about yourself, or hold conversations with people you might not know very well. Maybe it's a job interview, or a meeting with a head teacher, or maybe you've got a class presentation to make.

This session is an ongoing skill workshop to help boost your confidence when you have to talk to people and make a good impression. We can create your 'personal elevator pitch' so you can talk about yourself convincingly and confidently.

We cover skills like voice volume and variety, body language, eye contact, how to structure what you want to say, practice with 1 minute impromptu talking on any topics, owning your conversation, and more.

It's a perfect place to practice these things in a safe environment where there's no judging and no need for nervousness. We can learn and practice together, and build up confidence to take it to more important life situations.

Usually held on Friday mornings, but we can add evening sessions by request. 

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