Our Team

TenForward has a collection of people passionate about supporting and guiding young people through their online technology journey.



Owner Belinda Hope has set up TenForward as a safe place for kids to hang out, be online, play games with real life people, and have the opportunity to learn new skills - both for social interaction online and offline. Inspired by a need for her children and their friends as they navigate our tech-enabled world.

Belinda is also on the SkateNZ Board and a variety of other committees. She has a background with supporting tech startup entrepreneurs, establishing a variety of businesses, and has an MBA in Communications.

KYLE - Dungeons and Dragons, Gaming, Magic and Card Games, Model Building, Board Games, Comics

Works on Thursday's and runs a famous D&D campaign each week - these are pretty epic in the holidays and book out! When there's not enough players, Kyle teaches model painting. 


LINYX - Youth Gaming Expert, with music gaming speciality. Come and play our vintage PS3 Rock Band! Guitar, Bass, Drums - and heaps of songs - Linyx will show you how to be in our band!



SAM P - Gaming, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox and Pixel Art expert. 


SAM N - Social Gaming, Fortnite, Minecraft, Roblox, Rocket League

I am a friendly, well-experienced gaming expert and have played games my whole life. I have a huge passion for eSports, competing and casting in professional level Fortnite, and am a Twitch streamer with over 2000 followers.

Ask me about anything esports or Fortnite related and I’ll be more then happy to help :)



 DAVID - Social Gaming, Minecraft

Studies architecture! Amazing Minecraft build skills!