Ulearn Conference Workshop Notes for the two breakout workshops I presented are here:

Inspiring Entrepreneurship

Business Plan Outline

Using YouTube Videos instead of Class Speeches

So You Wanna Be a YouTuber or Streamer Speech Guide


We offer workshops for any age group (kids or adults too) on a variety of topics.  We are especially proud to be a destination for Guides and Scouts to complete technology badges. 

These workshops can be scheduled during school hours, evenings or weekends.  We are happy to help inspire your group with our knowledge! And we gladly take topic requests - let us know what you're keen to learn about and we will put together a workshop session.

Cost:  $10 per person (unless specified below)




Social Media 101

Learn about social media, the various options, how to create a profile, do’s and don’ts, how to create good posts, how to build your online profile, how to build a social network.


Streaming 101

So you want to become a streamer! This workshop teaches how to broadcast yourself, how to behave, how to interact with your audience, and some technical info for the programmes you could use.  Taught by one of NZ’s leading Mixer streamers, Attack on Geek.

(weekends only)


YouTube 101

If you are making videos to post online, you will need to know a variety of skills about broadcasting yourself and connecting with your audience.  This workshop covers speech presentation topics, including using your voice, body language, engaging your audience, using humour, using drama, sharing facts, using props and so on.  We will make a one minute impromptu video about a topic of your choice, or an unboxing video.


AR and VR 101

Do you know the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality? How are these emerging technologies used in every day life and in specialised areas like factories, tourism, safety training, sports? What is the future likely to bring? Will we still be using our phones as our internet device with enhanced AR or VR experiences?  


Digital Licence Certification

This is an 8 module online course, and in this workshop we will go through 2 modules (you can complete the rest at home). It is designed as a ‘licence’ for young people who use social media so you can prove you are a competent and safe user.  Topics covered are: digital devices, protecting privacy, searching and researching, creating and sharing, social networking and gaming, communicating safely, friends and strangers, and coins tokens and credits.

(cost $5 for the Digital Licence registration, plus $10 per child per hour)


Game Development  

This is a 3 hour workshop taught by a professional game developer, and takes kids through building a game using Construct 2. The course will cover the following elements:

Basic visual coding to create simple player characters, enemies and game systems

Introductory Pixel art and Animation

Level Design

Gameplay Testing

(cost $60 per child for 3 hours)



How do you make money when you are a kid? What sort of business ideas do you need? How do you become an entrepreneur? What is the difference between running your own business and working for someone else when you’re older? This is an inspirational session that might open a few new ideas for kids.


How to Write a Business Plan

So you’ve got a great idea to start a little business of your own - what next? You need a business plan. This workshop goes through the steps for writing a business plan, and the type of information needed for each step.  You’ll be able to use this skill again and again for any size idea!


Knitting and Crochet Skills

Want to learn to knit or crochet? We can run beginner workshops on either craft.

Already proficient but want to learn new skills? We can run intermediate classes.


Crafting with Plastic Bags

In this workshop, we turn supermarket bags into PLARN (PLastic yARN) and knit or crochet the most sustainable bag you’ve ever seen!  Must already be proficient in either knitting or crochet.



What does this word mean?  It’s not only about saving the environment.  It’s also about people, resources, fairness, business operations and more. For a better future where all humans can flourish, we need to live and work in a sustainable manner.  


How to Sell Stuff on TradeMe or Facebook

Need some extra cash? Do you have toys and books lying around your room that you’ve outgrown? This workshop shows you how easy it is to use the TradeMe app on your phone to take photos of things you want to sell, and upload them with a description on TradeMe or Facebook Marketplace. You’ll be earning extra pocket money in no time!